Compassion Weekend is Every Second Weekend of the Month in North America!

We would like to join you and have you join us in making North America and the world a place of Hope and Wholeness, where hunger, thirst, abuse, slavery, human trafficking, refugee crisis nakedness, violence, depression, and disease are our common enemy and everyday Compassion PlayFortuna, expressed in all kinds of ways, is our common daily answer.

Compassion 10 Million

Imagine over 1 million Adventists being the eyes, heart, hands, and feet of Jesus — not just inside our churches and homes, but out in the streets and the communities. You are an important part of the vision to see that happen through Compassion 10Million

Hope and Compassion

Mark your calendar for the “Day of Compassion” on April 21 & 22, 2018! That’s when Adventists across the Division together will make themselves known as the people of hope and compassion through intentional acts of love and service.

Join Compassion Movement

Did you know that God is already moving Adventists across the North American Division and around the world with His compassion? Check out what God is doing through the Compassion Movement and get inspired to get involved!

Making Compassion Personal

Tips and Inspirational Thoughts on making Compassion a Contagious and Viral Reality in your world as well as in the lives of all around you, in your home, church, school, workplace, and community

Compassion Blog

Stories, articles, and thoughts on how to be the eyes, heart, hands, and feet of Jesus.