2020 Application is now available.

NOTE: Please meet with your city officials to determine the needs of your community from their perspective. We don’t want you to guess what the needs are, please ask those who work in your community on a daily basis. One can find far more information about australian pokies online.

When your application is completed, please print, sign/date, scan, and email to the next entity. (Our laserfiche option should be ready for next year.)
youthmillennialsTo help some of our churches to take Compassion to the next level, some funding have been set aside in collaboration with our Unions and Conferences:

Funding for a Compassion Model Church in each Conference: $15,000.00 has been set aside in collaboration with the Unions and Conferences to support a Compassion Model Church per Conference (NAD $10,000.00 / Union $2,500.00 / Conference $2,500.00) – Download Application below – Each Conference will select its Compassion Model Church.

Download the appendixes here to aid you in filling out the application form.


This is a one-time grant.


To grow the kingdom of God in under-resourced areas by establishing a sustainable transformational evangelism cycle where the grace of God springs to life in the congregation and compels members to intentionally share the grace with their community resulting in hope and wholeness for both.


  1. The Transformational Evangelism/Compassion 10Million Grant of $15,000.00 must be used absolutely to reach the community with acts of love and service (grant must not be used to pay the salary of a Pastor, Bible Worker, or anyone; or to fund a Series of Proclamation Evangelism).
  1. Matching grants of $2,500.00 each will be provided by the Union and the local Conference. (NAD – $10,000.00; Union – $2,500.00; Conference – $2,500.00 totaling in $15,000.00).
  1. The local Conference will oversee the collection of proposals from the churches and determine the deadlines, select the project, and forward it to the Union and NAD. After the NAD approves it and sends the funds to the union, the union will disperse the grant money to the Conference, which will be responsible to disburse money to the church and oversee the project. The Selection Process Team at the Conference Office may be formed by Ministerial, Evangelism, Multi-Ethinic/Multilingual Directors with Conference Administration or simply the Evangelism Committee).
  1. This $15,000.00 grant is not intended to be divided into smaller amounts among different churches; it is meant to provide help to one congregation in its effort to reach the community (smaller amounts may become insignificant in the fulfillment of community needs).
  1. The $15,000.00 grant is intended to be “seed money” for a long-term sustainable community initiative by the local church; something that will go on after the year is finished and the $15,000.00 are invested.
  1. Some members, whom we call ‘incarnational members’ must reside in the chosen location and be involved with the project. The suggested minimum participation: 20% of membership.
  1. An integrated, sustainable cycle of wholistic ministry plan must be voted by the participating congregation.
  1. Discipleship is a foundational feature to equip and develop members to become difference makers. Participating congregations should prayerfully unite to provide a spiritually healthy and welcoming environment for discipleship to take place.