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Hilo Adventist Church Ministers to Evacuees from Kilauea Volcano Eruptions

On the morning of May 3, 2018, the most active volcano in the world, Kilauea, changed thousands of lives on the Big Island of Hawaii. The island was impacted by many earthquakes throughout the day measuring up to 6.9 with Kilauea erupting in the residential area Leilani

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Compassion Evangelism Interviews with recipients of ‘No Strings Attached’ Ministry

The NAD Compassion Movement calls for Adventists across North America to invest 10 million hours blessing their communities with intentional, repetitive, and relevant acts of love and service. What long term impact will the compassion movement have on members and communities?  Church of the Valley has been

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Seven Days Without

Laying on the bottom bunk in a large room with another 149 men, I wondered what might happen in the middle of the night as I slept among a small handful of Washington DC’s homeless men in a downtown shelter.  The previous three nights I’d slept in

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Planting Churches in Prison – 600 Columbus prisoners come to church every week

By John Boston “If the church only serves its members it’s not a church, it’s a club.” This is a statement that drives my leadership and all of the initiatives of our local church. At the church I serve we have been working hard on making sure

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125 Members in Two Years

By Dustin Hall Three words describe the philosophy and evangelistic practices of the Southview SDA Church in Minneapolis, MN; Uplifting, Building, and Enriching. Like almost any pastor, I would love to say that when I arrived here two years ago that I set this vision from the

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To Flint with Love

Donna Jackson - Ministerial Spouses Leader for the Adventist Church in North America Friends, how did you react when you first heard of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan? Little children dangerously affected for the rest of their lives .... If it moved you to want toRead more

A Turning Point in North America

By José Cortes, Jr. We cannot begin 2016 without renewing our commitment to be people of hope, compassion, and wholeness to our families, neighborhoods, cities, and nation. This year can be a turning point in North America if we Adventists intentionally collaborate and invest in loving people

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Washing Dirty Feet: How do we see the need around us?

By Wayne Culmore   The following article is adapted from a morning devotional delivered October 29, 2015, at the North American Division year-end meeting. Some elements of the oral presentation remain intact.—Editors. The night Jesus and His disciples walked into the upper room was pivotal. Jesus’ public

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Acts of kindness are common, welcome at this time of year

BY JEFF JARDINE   This is the time of year when people are inspired to help others, and sometimes because they are inspired by them. Here are some recent acts of kindness you might find inspiring: A few weeks ago, Nora George walked into The Bee’s

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Compassion and the Christmas Season

Yes I know, it is clear that Jesus was not born on December 25, and that does not mean Adventists cannot practice Compassion during the Christmas Season. Compassion must be a lifestyle that permeates every waking hour, every day of the year, including this Holiday Season. Compassion

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