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Extreme Home Repair Recipients

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The Clothes Cabin

The Clothes Cabin from Stories of Faith on Vimeo.Imagine not having a job, yet still needing to provide for your family. Or, having a job that only pays a minimum wage and never brings home enough to pay for your basic needs. This is reality for many

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To Flint with Love

Donna Jackson - Ministerial Spouses Leader for the Adventist Church in North America Friends, how did you react when you first heard of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan? Little children dangerously affected for the rest of their lives .... If it moved you to want toRead more

Jesus 101 Giveaway

Jesus 101 would like to offer free copies of Do You Really Know Your Worth? tracts to churches and individuals that will commit to promote the hope and compassion weekend. To order free copies of this, churches can contact us via our website: www.jesus101.tvRead more

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A Turning Point in North America

By José Cortes, Jr. We cannot begin 2016 without renewing our commitment to be people of hope, compassion, and wholeness to our families, neighborhoods, cities, and nation. This year can be a turning point in North America if we Adventists intentionally collaborate and invest in loving people

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Washing Dirty Feet: How do we see the need around us?

By Wayne Culmore   The following article is adapted from a morning devotional delivered October 29, 2015, at the North American Division year-end meeting. Some elements of the oral presentation remain intact.—Editors. The night Jesus and His disciples walked into the upper room was pivotal. Jesus’ public

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Flint, MI Water Crisis

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Compassion Tip 7

Make an appointment with your Congressman/Congresswoman & Senator.

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Compassion Tip 6

Make an appointment with the Local State Legislature Representative for your city/community.

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