1. Write a letter or note of Gratitude & Appreciation to your parents, brother/sister, friend, teacher, pastor
  2. Thank a Man and/or Woman in uniform for willing to give their life to defend our country & so we can have freedom.
  3. Show Love & Appreciation to families that have lost loved ones who served our country. Give them your support
  4. Visit the elderly and offer your time for anything they might need and give them lots of love. No matter your age, your life is still valuable
  5. Give food gifts cards, a jacket, a hug, hot chocolate to a homeless or someone in need and tell them how special they are.
  6. Thank your Postman/Postwoman for being committed to their job. Rain, sun or snow, your mail is delivered
  7. Thank the garbage collectors. It’s a tough job, but thanks to them, we don’t have to go far to take our trash
  8. Create a list of all the great qualities they have, how they inspire others & give it to them
  9. At the store, say to the person at the register “Happy Valentine’s Day, may you have a wonderful day. Thank You for all you do! God Bless you!” and give them a big smile
  10. If you see someone in need, struggling with bags of groceries, trying to climb the stairs, having difficulties carrying something, offer to help, and give them a hand
  11. Leave inspirational quotes about Love in your office, on the bus or train seat, on the table at the restaurant, any place where someone might see it and read it. You never know who might be inspired and change their life because of a simple message
  12. Visit an orphanage. Give Toys & lots of hugs
  13. If you know of any Foster Kids, spend time with them, show them you care about them. It’s not easy being in the Foster Care system
  14. Show Love to the LGBT Community. Tell Them Jesus Loves them and so do you.
  15. Go to the Hospital and visit someone you don’t know, and pray with them or just spend time listening to them.
  16. Help out at a shelter serving food. Talk and be compassionate with those in need
  17. Start a movement with friends to help out in your community & show Love
  18. Make an extra effort to be positive, full of joy, complimenting others, looking for the best in others and congratulate them. Inspire, Encourage, give Hope, and lots of Love
  19. Wherever you might find yourself, smile, share joy, happiness, kindness & Love. Life is too short to spend it being upset. Remember, 60secs being angry, is 1 minute of Happiness lost.


“Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person’s ultimate good as far as it can be obtained” – C.S. Lewis

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