Donna Jackson – Ministerial Spouses Leader for the Adventist Church in North America

Friends, how did you react when you first heard of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan? Little children dangerously affected for the rest of their lives …. If it moved you to want to do more than feel pity, join other ministerial spouses next month and be the hands and feet of Jesus to people in Flint. Check out the flyer below and the info article and please prayerfully consider coming to Flint. We want you! Flint needs you!

Another way some ministerial spouses will be giving to their community this spring will be at the Los Angeles Your Best Pathway to Health April 27-29. In Terri Saelee’s article Reaching Refugees in this issue, she shares about another community project that the NAD Ministerial Spouses Association is supporting – this one for refugees at the LA Pathways. To volunteer at this mega, exciting event, go to

God bless you richly and cause your love for Him to be made tangible this spring.  

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