We exist to empower you to be the Eyes, Heart, Hands, and Feet of Jesus in your community!

Compassion is perhaps the greatest quality found in human beings. It helps us to see people for who they really are and love them despite the differences and circumstances. Compassion goes deep beyond sympathy, allowing humanity not only to see the need, but to feel the pain. Compassion is so empowering that it does not allow for silence and inactivity in the midsts of need, injustice, sadness, and suffering, it is an immediate and sustained call for action and relief. Compassion is speaking through actions because actions are better than just words.

Compassion is an attribute, which comes directly from God and was made very evident in the life of Jesus. The Bible portraits a Jesus who cared for, loved, forgave, healed, and fed people of all walks of life. Although His love for people had no strings attached, crowds loved Him, and millions have decided to follow Him through history.

In our desire to see transformed communities, hopeful families, healthy people, happy neighborhoods, and a saved world we have decided that Compassion is our way of life, not an event, but our lifestyle.

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We would like to join you and have you join us in making North America and the world a place of Hope and Wholeness, where hunger, thirst, abuse, slavery, human trafficking, refugee crisis nakedness, violence, depression, and disease are our common enemy and everyday Compassion, expressed in all kinds of ways, is our common daily answer.

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Jose Cortes Jr.

Associate Ministerial Director for Evangelism

North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists