Compassion Evangelism Interviews with recipients of ‘No Strings Attached’ Ministry

The NAD Compassion Movement calls for Adventists across North America to invest 10 million hours blessing their communities with intentional, repetitive, and relevant acts of love and service. What long term impact will the compassion movement have on members and communities?  Church of the Valley has been at the forefront of the compassion movement with no strings attached for many years and gives a window on what may happen in other communities as compassion takes hold. The documentary videos below tell the stories of what happens to a church community and to recipients of acts of kindness.

John Masigan asks three recipients of the Extreme Home Repair what it was like to receive a home renovation, what the long term impact was on their lives, and how they feel about a church that does Acts of Kindness with ‘no strings attached.’ In this three-part series you will meet Alexandria Weeks, Sara Scarrow, and Walter Grochowski, who represent dozens of recipients of Extreme Home Repair.

Extreme Home Repair Recipients Pt 1 RT: 14:05

What are the benefit of acts of compassion on a church community? Watch members and friends of Church of the Valley as they engage in the 2016 Extreme Home Repair.

Extreme Home Repair Overview RT: 32:16


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