Compassion Ideas

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  • Tell someone what you are grateful for. Tell them what God has done for you and how He has blessed you.
  • Visit a Children’s Home and spend time with the kids there.
  • Give 5 items of clothing to Goodwill – Nadia Bolz-Weber
  • Drop & knock – find a struggling family, buy groceries and drop them at their doorstep – Alveena Pillaypay
  • Tutor a young child who is having trouble at school.  – Alveena Pillay
  • Help a friend, a relative, or anyone you know who is unemployed by helping them with their resume (revise & printing it). Have a mock interview to help them prepare for a real interview, and lend them a suite or a nice tie to wear at their next job interview. – Elena Sandoval
  • Show Love to the LGBT Community. Tell Them Jesus Loves them and so do you.
  • If you know of family or friends that take care of Foster Kids, plan to spend time with them, show them you care about them, and that they are special and loved. It’s not easy being in the Foster Care system, but knowing that someone cares and has taken time out to spend it with them can make a huge impact in their life.
  • Be creative and write a poem or create a new song about your loved one & dedicate it to them. Express how much you love them and can’t live without them. Tell them how God has blessed you by having them in your life.

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